Updates: My UTAU Wiki page is up! As you can see, my concept art is also done!! MAH VOICEBANK IS DONE!~

Welcome to my site!!

 Hi, there! If you see this, you've just reached my website! My name is Akemi Suta, and I'm an Utau. I am a 15 year old girl, my birthday is Febuary 12, I am 110 pounds, and I am 5'6".  My character Items are Pocky and soda. I like music, Utau, Vocaloid, and teasing my siblings, as well as blogging. I dislike Rude people, naggy people, uptight  people, and negotiators. In my free time, I sing, dance, and blog, as well as go on forum websites.  My personality is fun and outgoing, but at times I can be very stubborn. I am polite to friends as well as strangers. I can lose my temper at times, though. I am confident and ambitious, considering I have a dream of becoming a Vocaloid. 

That's me! Do I look good?  

 You can see my creator's blog at: thatoneawesomeblog.weebly.com

 You can see my page on the Utau Wiki here: http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/Akemi_Suta

If you want to contact me, email me at akemisuta@live.com 

My voicebank DL is below!~ 

Akemi Suta VB.zip Akemi Suta VB.zip
Size : 4495.204 Kb
Type : zip

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